ORG CHEM Group specializes in the distillation of heat sensitive materials 


We offer a range of virgin and recycled products based on our heat sensitive material platforms

We perform custom distillation for projects involving heat sensitive materials


ORG CHEM Group has the capability to separate, blend, and/or react heat sensitive materials to meet customer needs.  ORG CHEM Group's success comes from finding unique ways to distill, recycle and repurpose chemicals.  

Our proprietary distillation technology helps customers save money versus the purchase of new chemicals and on the disposal of depleted chemcials.

As of January 1, 2014, the assets of CHEM Group were acquired by the private equity firm Owners Resource Group, based in Austin, Texas.  The new company operates as ORG CHEM Group, LLC.  


ChemStewards® Program - SOCMA


As a member of SOCMA, the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates, Inc. since 1998 our company is certified under the organizations voluntary ChemStewards® program.  This program is dedicated to continuous improvement in environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) performance.


The tear drop logo and words ORG CHEM Group are the registered trademark of ORG CHEM Group, LLC

Chem Stewards® is a registered trademark of the Society of Chemical Manufacturers, Inc.

Thermaflo® is a registered trademark of ORG CHEM Group, LLC

ORG CHEM Group Terms and Conditions of Sale


New study shows reduced carbon footprint with switch to recycled antifeeze 

Chuck Buis appointed Director - Antifreeze Sales

Dr. Subodh Ganguly appointed Director - Business Development

PQIA has posted a consumer alert concerning "ULTRA GUARD" antifreeze.  This is not an ORG CHEM Group or PolyFreeze™ product and should not be confused with PolyFreeze's UltraGard™antifreeze.