Custom Toll Processing


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At ORG CHEM Group, much of what we do takes place early on in the process when customers just like you develop new products, conduct laboratory trials, demonstrate proof of concept, produce samples for customer evaluation, and ultimately develop plans for full-scale commercialization.

Over the years a number of customers have come to the conclusion that the best strategy for them is to continue their relationship with ORG CHEM Group on a more permanent basis as a contract manufacturer.

While sometimes this decision is based purely upon economic considerations such as the high cost of new equipment, limited resources at existing manufacturing facilities, or concerns over raw material and finished product logistics, other times this decision simply boils down to an issue of risk management.

Let's face it, new product development can be risky; particularly when product life-cycles are short, market conditions change rapidly, and agile competitors are well positioned to enter new markets quiclky and effectively.  As a contract manufacturing partner, ORG CHEM Group stands ready to respond quickly and economically to the challenges of new product commercialization.  With a broad range of assets already in place, we remain flexible and efficient in our ability to manage change, overcome techinical obstacles, address manufacturing bottlenecks, and provide for continous process improvement.  All to ensure that we succeed together.