Micro-tolling & testing facility


ORG CHEM Group’s micro-tolling & testing facility is located at our corporate offices in Evansville, Indiana.  We offer the capability to evaluate new project and process opportunities in a setting supported by decades of experience in new process development, process optimization, mechanical and chemical engineering, physical and analytical chemistry, environmental health and safety, process scale-up, and product commercialization.

In addition to serving as our internal research & development center, ORG CHEM Group’s micro-tolling and testing facility is available to customers interested in exploring the feasibility of new separation strategies as they relate to new product development activities, product or process improvement objectives, proof of concept work, or waste minimization goals.

Equipped with laboratory versions of same technology available on the plant or industrial scale at other ORG CHEM Group facilities, the micro-tolling and testing facility is uniquely well suited for processing material in batch sizes appropriate for customers samples or test market studies.