Industrial Glycol Processing

At ORG CHEM Group, glycols include a variety of compounds used across a wide range of industries in an even broader range of applications.

In use, glycols become contaminated with water, hydrocarbons, urea, acids, heat stables salts, and certain metals. At ORG CHEM Group these contaminants are removed to yield glycols that can be returned to service as reclaimed materials offering chemical and physical properties equivalent to their virgin counterparts, but at significant savings to the customer and the environment.


Antifreeze Glycol Processing

ORG CHEM Group is the largest recycler of ethylene glycol using the vacuum distillation process in the United States.  ORG CHEM Group has an active program for recycling glycols recieved from antifreeze collectors.


Offshore MEG Processing

The use of ethylene glycol (MEG) for hydrate inhibition in gas production lines is well established.  Offshore deepwater gas production presents a problem of salt contamination in subsea production lines carrying gas, condensate, and sea water brine.  Offshore production systems experience a number of problems due to brine (salt) contamination within MEG used for hydrate inhibition.