On-site Services


ORG CHEM Group provides custom designed chemical reclamation programs and patent pending technology to maintain optimum amine chemical purities


ORG CHEM Group now offers economical on-site reclamation services with a portable, skid mounted unit which can effectively remove impurities without ever having to shut down the chemical system.  The Portable Reclaimer is ideally suited for customers that have chemical contamination causing operational issues which prevent them from sending material offsite or where logistics make sending material offsite impractical.

  1. Purification of Ethanolamines used in Gas Plants & Refineries for sour gas sweetening.

  2. Regeneration of Sulfolane used as an aromatic extraction solvent to remove benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX) from hydrocarbon streams. Regeneration of Tetra Ethylene Glycol (TTEG) used fro aromatic extraction in your UDEX or Carom systems.

  3. Regeneration of BHEEU in DIGYCOLAMINE® (DGA®) used for acid gas sweetening.

The Reclaimer Unit proposed is a self-contained, fully automated vacuum distillation processing unit.  It is based on proven ORG CHEM Group’s short path distillation technology and has the same capacity as the units operated at ORG CHEM Group facilities every day.  It has a mechanically simple design, which is safe, reliable and low maintenance.

To learn more about On Site Services, contact Mike Millard at  mikemillard@chem-group.com   

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